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Green Hills with Blue Sky





 Ages 15-18 Mixed Gender


 Spring of 2012




WHY GROUP THERAPY? Adolescents are social beings at their core, learning, playing and bonding in groups. They are often more trusting of their peers than of adults, whose help and advice they frequently reject. This makes it an ideal setting for change, often times more powerful and effective than individual therapy.




GOAL: The goal of the group is to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for older adolescents to work through family, school and interpersonal issues. It is designed not only for those with anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem, but for any teen struggling with the with the emotional storms and challenges of adolescence. Through professionally guided group interaction, teens can learn how to deal effectively with anger, conflict and peer pressure, and develop trust, self-confidence, intimacy, and cooperation. The group will also serve as an experiential forum to examine basic questions of identity (who am I? with whom do I identify? what do I believe in? where am I going?), building self awareness and facilitating the transition to adulthood.




WHO: Males and Females, AGES 15-18


WHEN:  Starting September 2011.  Exact time and date to be announced.



WHERE: Upper East Side NYC.



LED BY: Dr. Peter Kaplan, Clinical Psychologist






         FOR MORE INFO: 212.624.0286












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