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Is your once close and loving relationship now filled with never ending fights, conflict and pain? Or even worse, has it descended into a distant, cold “truce”?



Is your sex life non-existent?


Do you repeatedly have the same arguments, interacting in a cycle of accusation, hurt and anger, without ever constructively solving the problems?


Or has an affair or betrayal ripped away the foundation of trust, leaving you feeling hopeless and in despair?

Marriage and couples therapy can be of enormous help. There are now proven, research based strategies that will help you to  achieve real intimacy and connection, communicate powerfully and effectively, and recover from the pain and betrayal of affairs.

I Will Guide You To:

Rekindle your love and passion.

• Cope and even thrive when the daily stressors of work and child care bear down on your marriage.

Regain true intimacy and connection.

Communicate and relate in ways that strengthen rather than erode the quality of your partnership.

Enhance and improve your Friendship, which is absolutely necessary for your relationship to thrive.

• Learn how to fight (yes, fight) without hurt, pain, defensiveness or recrimination.

Do You Want To Communicate Better?

Healthy communication is the bedrock of a strong relationship, and successful couples know how to communicate in a way that actually improves their relationship. Through our sessions, and at home exercises, I will help you to identify innefective and hurtfull ways of
interracting, and teach you new skills that will allow you to feel connected, empowered and understood, and effectively solve the problems that life throws at you.




My Approach:



I approach couples therapy in a collaborative, open, and active manner.  I am very involved in the session and will honestly communicate to you what I see, feel and think. My office becomes a safe haven where problems can be discussed without fear of judgment or retribution. Our consultation time is used as a living laboratory, a place where we can explore different approaches to relating, communicating, and expressing emotions. This helps to challenge destructive patterns in the relationship and creates a stronger, more open and meaningful connection.



Finally, it must be said that there are relationships that will not work, where both parties are better off parting, and that need to be brought to an end. Counseling can facilitate this process so that it is done in a way that minimizes the emotional and financial damage.



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